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Food Seller App
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Food Rider App

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Food App Admin Dashboard:

  • Users (Current Users, Deactivated Users)

  • Sellers(Sellers, Pending Sellers, Deactivate Sellers )

  • Products(Products, Disapproved/Pending Products)

  • Orders (Unassigned Orders, Processing Orders, Completed Orders. Cancelled orders

  • Categories add a category)

  • All Notifications

Food User App:

  • You can sign up by Email if you have not registered or if you have already an account you can sign in by email and password.

  • select the product to order.

  • search for product

  • Product can be added to favorites.

  • User can edit his profile through account settings.

Food Seller App

  • sign up/sign in

  • seller can view the products, orders and reviews given by customers.)

  • Seller can add new product, can view orders history, notifications.

  • Seller can edit his profile and store profile.

  • Categories add a category)

Food Rider App

  • Rider can sign up by Email if they have not registered or if seller have already an account they can sign in by email and password.

  • Riders can view the notifications about new orders, processing orders, cancelled orders,

    completed orders.

  • Rider can edit his profile.

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